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I'm going to agree with Filarius on the sound issues, some things are too loud. As well as equalizing the sound effects, some low key, generic background music throughout the first half would help it seem less empty.
That being said, I think the sounds effects themselves were well timed, as was the humor.
The artwork got it's point across.
But more backgrounds, smother lines, characters with bodies/cloths are all things that might help improve/draw a larger audience to your animations.

Noisy responds:

I know. instead, a very helpful review.

Thanks a lot, i'll try to improve ;)

Funny, awaiting part 3

First, don't get frustrated because of the "better animation" nay sayers. Would we all like some mouth movement? Yeah, maybe. But I had no problems knowing who was talking, the voice acting is distinctive and well done. And I love that you got a girl to do Robin's voice!
The jokes are solid, you've got great timing.

Keep it up!

eccentric1 responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Yeah, I always get comments on how my animation could be "better" but that's just my style.

Pie+face=explode >:)

Screaming toast and zombie cupcakes! What more could you want?!

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Great sim. Lots of effort put into it.

Would have loved it more though, if...
1:It was a little longer(had more locations to move to/could hire more people). The length of the overall story was fine, but I got addicted and wished there were some extra quests to keep it interesting after I beat the game.
2: You could scroll faster.
3: If you had more to do with your money. After you get a few hundred million dollars, it gets kinda boring.
3.5: If there were more office upgrades. More statues/kitchen stuff. Even completely useless upgrades, so I could spend millions giving everyone mahogany desks and velvet carpets =P
4: If you could name your workers. I had lots of Rons, Gabes, Johns etc.
Also, the quality of the art, though basic, seemed to match the gameplay well. I thought the statues look sorta out of place though.

Looking forward to your next game.

This game has a very clear message: Don't O.D. on your medicines kids!

The overall gameplay was fun. The graphics/music/sound effects went really well together.
Like most other people, I was disappointed by the length and was wishing there was more to it.

Looking forward to seeing more involved games from you(perhaps a sequel?) in the future.

Though it's a fun game....

It's really just Mushroom Tower Defense: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /481618

I understand that authors remake games with a new theme.... But you're not the original author of Mushroom TD, so I hope you got permission before taking an original idea, layout and graphics, changed the theme and passed it as your own work.

It's a good game, but far from "unique."

fortunacus responds:

im the author mushroom TD

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nice idea

I understand what you're trying to do in the beginning, but it's kinda choppy. It might sound better if it flowed from the end of one echo to the next.
I like when it picks up just before the first minute mark, that bit in the middle and towards the end is real good. :)

mjattie responds:



I thought that the guitar&song was played nicely and had a good sound. My complaint is that the noise, which I assume are the "horse sounds" , sounds more like a crackle that isn't meant to be there, and it takes away from the enjoyment of the song a bit. Other than that, well done.

thecoreman responds:

Really? I thought it was cool... K, thanks for the advice mate. I'll take it into consideration.

I'm glad you liked it. Sorry that you didn't like the horse sounds...


Heavy and kinda twisted. Seems like it would make a good theme song.
Nice stuff.

axeFX responds:

yea man

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My favorite game and movie!

I like how Mr. Body seems to have been killed with every weapon =)
Missing a bullet wound though....

Great all around. Thanks for putting it up!

o.0 nutt'n to say I guess :P I just like saying "nutt'n"

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